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    Stamp Out MND​

      Recycling Since 2015​



As of January 2020 this scheme is no longer manned by StampOutMND though still active

Any enquiries to be direct to x-change Master.

As of 16/08/2018 we now offer free postage upto 20KG by ringing +44(0)141 328 9357 email:[email protected] with your address details and weight of the parcel sending, Then you will be sent a "free of charge" label / envelope. when you Quote Ref: StampOutMND.

Any parcels sent this way may not get a confirmation from myself as they go straight to the company or may take up to eight weeks to confirm if i am at all told when your parcel has been processed.

if you would like an update on your parcel contact the company direct.

1) Where possible cut around loose stamps leaving 5/10 mm. The less dead weight of your collection the more value added to collection.

2) Normal stamp albums to be split as the album also is dead weight, Stamps to be taken off normal envelopes,

3) Commemoritve stamps, First Day Covers or anything else are accepted as one as they are whether in albums or not. 

Xchange Master operate a system whereby a new envelope is sent out to a supporter with a generic thank you letter after they process your original donation.

Xchange Master will also pass the supporters name and address onto me, as long as i have made it clear to them that this happens and that they consent.

Xchange Master do not keep your data once they have processed your donations and/or sent out a new envelope.

Xchange Master offer 2 types of pick ups. Either a courier to pick up from a premises, however they do not give a time so need the person to be in all day. Alternatively can dropped off at a local convenience store / newsagent etc (there is usually one within a mile of everybody) and the advantage of this is they can drop of at a time of their leisure.

Xchange Master Though advertise free postage from the customer, The value of the postage is taken from the value of the collection sent.

Xchange Master Pay per kilo, Not the actual value of the collection, For the value of your collection visit an auction room for a quote. 

Freepost sent to the Alsager address, Only some post offices accept freepost to charities therefor please check with your sorting office otherwise if i get a grey postage due card it will be ignored and the parcel sent back within eighteen days as this would be taking away much needed donations from the charity, see T&C's

For a more in-depth look into Xchaange Master HERE


1) Any parcels dispatched must be secure as any packaging with extra charge will be left at the sorting office and returned to its original destination within eighteen calendar days, ( This was suggested via poll on social media site )

2) It is up to the sender to arrange on how there collection is dispatched to its destination, StampOutMND can no longer fund this in anyway whether large or small, This is to keep expenses to a minimum raising more funds for the charity.

If you believe that this may refer to you contact me and i will do my upmost to assist in trying to find your parcel.

Once parcel located it is up to the sender to arrange the delivery (if extra charge is applied) by contacting the address below

Contact Details: Royal Mail,

Kidsgrove Delivery Office,

Congleton Road,



03456 021 021 


1) StampOutMND has no control whats so ever over "collection points" these are solely persons volunteering & wanting help my cause, Any questions to be directed to the collection point in question, It is solely the collectors responsibility to dispatch large amounts of donations as volunteers also have to pay for the postage and not fair to ask them to pay for your large donation, Contact your local collection point for more details.

2) Anyone no longer wishing to be a collection point, get in touch to be deleted from this website.

3) For large collections (minimum of two carrier bags) contact me for best way to be dispatched.

3a) Collection by me within a two hour radius of Postcode ST7 


This is a non profit charity fundraiser,

As of June 2020 any monies raised goes direct to MNDA Northampton to help families and in finding a cure for the awful disease, as before monies were going to local support group.

This is after expenses for the up keep of StampOutMND

1) Websites annual charge

2) Stationery

3) Other charges that may apply to keep StampOutMND raising much needed funds


Fundraising For

MND Association (Head Office),

2nd Floor, Francis Crick House,

6 Summerhouse Road,

Moulton Park,

Northampton, NN3 6BJ

[email protected],,

Helpline:0808 802 6262,

Charity Registration Number 294354

Updated May 2021

Motor Neurone Disease Association

Francis Crick House

6 Summerhouse Road

Moulton Park



Charity Registration Number 294354

Tel: 01604 250505

Email: [email protected]

Fax: 01604 624726/638289

Opening hours: 8am - 5pm