Used Stamp & Currency Appeal est 2015
     Fundraising For The Charity of MNDA Reg 294354

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Money Raised Since 2015
June 2015/16     £687.30 *
June 2016/17      £845.36*
June 2017/18    £1033.20*

June 2018/19      £000.00*
GRAND TOTAL £2565.86


1) Any parcels dispatched must be secure as any packaging with extra charge will be left at the sorting office and returned to its original destination within eighteen calendar days.

2) It is up to the sender to arrange on how there collection is dispatched to its location, StampOutMND can no longer fund this in anyway whether large or small, This is to keep expenses to a minimum raising more funds for the charity.


1) StampOutMND has no control whats so ever over "collection points" these are solely persons volunteering & wanting help my cause, Any question to be directed to the collection point in question, It is solely the collectors responsibility to dispatch large amounts of donations as volunteers also have to pay for the postage and not fair to ask them to pay for your large donation, Contact your local collection point for more details.

2) Anyone no longer wishing to be a collection point, get in touch to be deleted from this website.


As of 16/08/2018 we now offer free postage upto 20KG by ringing John / Paul +44(0)141 328 9357 where you will be sent a "free of charge" label / envelope. By Quoting Ref: StampOutMND (Please Note this IS NOT to the main address advertised on this website) Albums to be separated from the contents due to dead weight, Also cut around stamps leaving 5/10 cm. This dos not include post cards, first day covers, commemorative collections  etc,The less dead weight of your collection the more value added to collection 

Xchange Master operate a system whereby a new envelope is sent out to a supporter with a generic thank you letter after they process your original donation. 

Xchange Master will also pass the supporters name and address onto me, as long as i have made it clear to them that this happens and that they consent. 

Xchange Master do not keep your data once they have processed your donations and/or sent out a new envelope.

Xchange Master may take approximately six to eight weeks to process due to busy periods. 


This is a non profit charity fundraiser, Any monies raised goes to MND Cheshire, This is after expenses for the up keep of StampOutMND 

1) Website Annual Charge

2) Stationery

3) Other Charges That May Apply 

Any finances can be viewed on request.


1) To make a Cash Donation Go To Either "Home" Or "MND Help" Pages where you can either donate to JustGiving that will go to MNDCheshire or click on MNDA Link that will take you direct to MNDAssocitaion donation website.

2) MNDA Shop is linked direct to MNDAsssociation shop website to purchase awareness items etc or click Here to go to stampoutmnd ebay site where you may purchase disability or mnd awareness items from StampOutMND which will then be forwarded onto MNDCheshire.


1) Anyone sending attachments or others not to do with the ccause through social media will be blocked from sending anymore  messages therfore leaving them to send messages via Here Reason as i receiving to many none charity messages, Special holidays except.

2) Anyone posting fake news e.g. herbal remedies will be reported to the media site in question also MNDA Association where they may take it further.     


StampOutMND is a well known fundraiser to MNDA Hampshire (Head Office) Charity Registration Number 294354 & MND Cheshire (Local Group)

                                                                                                                                                                                               Updated August 2018