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 Raised To Date


        Updated  12/07/2021     


                                         Money Raised Since 2015

                                            June 2015/16   - - - - - 
                                            June 2016/17 £845.36
                                            June 2017/18 £1033.20
                                            June 2018/19 £1198.78
                                            June 2019/20 £1019.68
                                            June 2020/21 £2028.70
                                            GRAND TOTAL £6125.72

Please help my cause by asking others to recycle stamps & worldwide currencies, it is a huge boost for the charity. 

Encourage work colleagues, 

Scout & Girl Guide Groups, 

Girl & Boy Brigades, 

Faith Communities, 

Schools & Play Groups, 

Local Shops,


Family & Neighbours 

Becoming a Collection Point etc

to save used stamps & currencies, It will greatly increase funds raised. 

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A young lady raising funds for MNDA through her art work since her father was diagnosed.


Recycling used postage stamps & currencies is a great way to raise funds for the charity. The price for stamps collected has increased recently to almost quadruple the value of ten years ago. Charities across Britain are benefiting from this, and you can help. When i have a bulk amount they are sent away for processing, in return i am sent value via bank transfer which is then sent same way to the MNDA.

In July 2018 i joined a limited company that the stamps & currencies are sent to, then they sort them into categories and sets selling them onto collectors worldwide.

They pay approx £20/kilo for stamps & currencies (depending on weight & value) that is considerably higher than what many of their partners were receiving previously, on occasions even quadruple the amount, Their experienced team can quickly process your donations, and their extensive network of contacts allows them to match the right stamps with the right collectors. 

Recycling is a very easy way to help charities and taking no physical effort, 

Simply collect stamps cutting 5 to 10mm around the stamp where possible helps, Once collected an envelope or jiffy bag maybe shoe box or so full send it to me and i will do the rest. 

Stamp Albums to be de-stamped where possible as this is "Dead Weight". 

When the stamps arrive with us we weight them then catergorise them into three different categories - Modern UK, Old UK and Foreign. We then sell them as kiloware online to collectors and stamps dealers all over the world. There is a heightened interest in places such as China and Netherlands for UK stamps. For the standard stamps such as 1st class red there is an interest from artists who use the stamps as a pixel in a large art piece. They are some of our customers.
For other items such as 1st day covers, pres packs and other memorabilia we will either sell that in bulk separately if we believe there isn't much value. What we do though is check all the memorabilia that comes in to ensure that we get the most value for the charity.

Volunteer's will receive A5 Collection point poster, Business Cards and window / wall stickers F.O.C. to help with their collecting efforts. 

Please help my cause by asking others to recycle stamps & worldwide currencies,

Encourage work colleagues, 

Scout & Girl Guide Groups, 

Girl & Boy Brigades, 

Faith Communities, Schools & Play Groups, Local Shops, Friends,  Family & Neighbours. Collecting stamps & currencies  a massive help to the cause.