MNDCheshire Branch Newsletter March 2016

26th October 2010 Sainsburys Rhyl North Wales

Family and friends all turned out last Sunday to help out with our latest MND fund raising efforts- bag packing at Sainsburys Rhyl North Wales ! It has never occurred to me before that fund raising could actually be jolly good fun ! The day just flew by !
We were given an extra helping hand in the form of Prestatyn young firefighters and the army
cadet force -I must admit they were absolutely brilliant ! I can`t thank them enough for all their hard work- they just buckled down and got on with it ! I think half of them having done something similar before with the scouts and brownies ! [ they put my efforts of packing a bag to shame ! ] Andrew enjoyed the day- he brought his camera along and started taking candid photographs of everyone, it was lovely to see just how well supported he was ! I was astounded by the generosity and kindness of the general public and have lots of special memories of the day ! One elderly gentleman put some money in my bucket and I asked him- would you like a sticker ? No thank you I want a balloon ! and with a wink he shot off down the aisles with a balloon bobbing about attached to the basket of his mobility scooter ,another customer, a lady this time confided in me that the last sticker placed on the lapel of her coat disappeared within minutes-confused as to wear it had gone-some ten hours later it turned up -stuck to her chest [discovered after stripping off to take a shower ]
After taking the money home to count-we tipped the buckets out onto the lounge floor and over cups of tea and chocolate biscuits and much laughter, and story swapping we counted it out !
When finally we all agreed on the total after checking and double checking -we dug out the old brass hunting horn, phoned Andrew and Jayne and with a blast of the horn and drum rolling [ mad as hatters the lot of us ] we gave them the grand total !
They were delighted and a little overwhelmed .thank you again to everybody who helped make this day a success !
Pictured above are the army cadets and Prestatyn young firefighters with Andrew Ann and myself.
Steve Flavell who came to us through Facebook [ you are a star ].