Used Currency & Stamp Appeal est 2015
     Fundraising For The Charity of MNDA Reg 294354

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     by ringing John / Paul 

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Looking For Unwanted :

Stamp Albums, Commemorative Stamps, Worldwide Stamps, Savings Stamps , Postcards , Envelopes , Wrappers , Letter Cards , First Day Covers , Etc 

ALSO : Worldwide Coins, Banknotes, Sovereigns, Commemorative Coins, Commemorative Banknotes, Popular Themes, Presentation Packs, Gold Coins, Silver Coins, Platinum Coins ~ Etc 

Please help my cause by asking others to recycle stamps it is a huge boost for the charity. Encourage work colleagues, faith communities, schools, friends, family and neighbours to save used stamps, It will greatly increase funds raised. 

Recycling used postage stamps is a great way to raise funds for the charity. The price for stamps collected has increased recently to almost quadruple the value of ten years ago. Charities across Britain are benefiting from this, and you can help. When i have a bulk amount they are sent away for processing, in return i am sent a cheque which is then cashed and goes to the MNDA.

Xchange Masters the company that the stamps & currency are sent to then sorts them into categories and sets selling them onto collectors worldwide.

Recycling is a very easy way to help charities and taking no physical effort, Simply collect stamps cutting 5cm to 10cm around the stamp helps, Once collected an envelope or jiffy bag maybe shoe box or so full send them to This Address

Xchange Masters pay approx £20/kilo for stamps & currencies that is considerably higher than what many of their partners were receiving previously, on occasions even quadruple the amount, Their experienced team can quickly process your donations, and their extensive network of contacts allows them to match the right stamps with the right collectors.


                                        Parcel Pricing via Post Office


                  Cutting 5 - 10cm around stamps brings more value, 

                            This is not compulsory but helps a great deal.

              VOLUNTEERS NEEDED ~ A5 POSTER ETC SENT FREE                                                                      

Story So Far 

My mother born 1935, lost her parents at a young age, was brought up in Manchester by her auntie, She was married to my father for many years

She worked all her life in nursing, When my parents were not working they went off on day trips with my sister and i,   

Then around June 2006 on one of these day trips she noticed her foot was dragging making a mess of her big toe as she was wearing sandles, 

It took a year to be diagnosed but in September  2007 we got the devastating news that my mother has Motor Neurone Disease, This was after going through parkinsons and every other illness going that they thought it was,

Soon after my parents had to sell the family home and move into a bungalow with my father being her main carer.

Then late 2013 my father was diagnosed with asbestos related cancer  "Mesothelioma" as he used to work with asbestos back in the 1960's,

Just before he was diagnosed my relationship with my then partner came to an end, with no where to go i moved in with my parents supposedly temporary but soon after his diagnosed i then became a full time carer to both of them. Then only eight months later in April 2014 on his birthday he passed away in hospital.

So to date i have been my mothers carer for four years, MND has left her with only limited use of her left arm not even being able to turn newspaper over or even press the button on her light writer  to talk on a bad day, She also id starting to get very tired and is napping most of the day. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Updated July 2018

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