Used Postage Stamp Appeal Est 2015
     Fundraising  For The Charity M.N.D.A. reg no 294354

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What do I do with the stamps I collect?

Please send them to the MAIN address that can be found HERE

Are U.S.A. Stamps useful as well?

Yes we collect stamps & anything to do with stamp collecting from worldwide 

I was just wondering what the rules were for when donating my used stamps and how best to cut them from the envelopes etc.

if the stamps could be carefully clipped, leaving plenty of room [5 – 10mm] around the stamp. This will increase the value of the stamps to the charity, making them more money!

If I send you the contents of an old stamp album, should I remove the stamps, or send the whole album? It is a paperback, but will add weight to my package, so it will be cheaper for me to take all the stamps out. 

Stamps are worth more in the albums

Are green shield stamps of any use

Yes we also collect saving stamps

I would be grateful if you would let me know they have been received safely

Parcels that are received are acknowledged via on Facebook & Twitter thanking the person in question for there kind donation, Please allow approximately 48 hours from when you think your parcel should have arrived, this is due to me being my mothers main carer and the time i have on respite. Usually a Monday, Wednesday & Friday

What do you do with used postage stamps? How does this help MND? 

i / we are paid by the kilo, the person i send them to sells them over the internet to stamp collectors worldwide, Full information can be found at Main Page

I have many albums of FDC’s ( First Day Covers, special Event Letters, Stamped and Franked on the Same day of that Event and usually Franked in the place of that Event ). I am willing to donate these to the MNDA providing they can be Auctioned or sold by Specialists of the FDC’s ! )

Please send your FDC's direct to an auction house. They will assist you better as they are used to dealing in vast accumulations, then you may either use my just giving link or direct from MNDA Website.

How do i become a drop off / collection point

Message me with your details that will be added to the "contact" page & i will add your social media profile so people can message you.

p.s. for security reasons house number will not be added but will be in my personal address book.

Does the research benefit people from Ireland, Does the funding benefit worldwide or just England.
Research into finding a cure is worldwide, MND is otherwise known as ALS or Lou Hendrigs disease.

Is this ongoing or is there a date I have to have them to you by?
StampOutMND was founded back in 2015 and is ongoing till stamp deliveries run dry

when you get the stamps do you have to sort them into different countries etc ?
I dont push it as i dont want people to get bored of sending donations to me, but it would be a great help.